Sunday, May 8, 2016

Ruthless (Scientology, My son David Miscavige and Me) by Ron Miscavige

Ruthless by Ron Miscavige

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Summary:The only book to examine the origins of Scientology's current leader, RUTHLESS tells the revealing story of David Miscavige's childhood and his path to the head seat of the Church of Scientology told through the eyes of his father. Ron Miscavige's personal, heartfelt story is a riveting insider's look at life within the world of Scientology.

Review: In Ruthless Ron Miscavige tells the story of his experiences within the church of Scientology from their beginnings with him as a young man to their end in which he and his wife left because his son had helped turn the church into a cult and was a leader who had abusive tendencies to those who were below him in rank.  Ron explains that at the beginning of his involvement with the church some methods that the church of Scientology uses helped his family personally in getting over a medical illness and changing how they thought about the world.  In the beginning he also liked the church's goal of providing humanitarian work to the less fortunate. 

However as time passed his son David left home at a young age to work for the church and steadily moved up in position until in the eighties he was the most powerful person in the church; and he began making changes that  made his Father Ron not even recognize the church he had worked for for most of his adult life.  

This book showed me how a good organization with understandable goals can be transformed into a cult like environment with no freedom depending on how much power the people give their leaders in the church. Ron watched as his son turned into someone he did not recognize as the loving boy he had raised.  The book details Ron's early childhood, how he raised his family, and eventually his son's rise to power; and how even in present times David Miscavige refuses to let his sisters be in contact with their Father because he left the church. I think things like this show that absolute power can corrupt absolutely.

If you want to learn more about scientology,  its good and bad points from an insider perspective, and .  
find out how its members today are being controlled and forced to give money without receiving anything in return; I would recommend this book.  The author is a good writer and I literally sat down and read the whole thing within a few hours; it is very engrossing overall.